Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Board (NITDB) has set up a rail linked Inland Clearance Depot (ICD) at Sirsiya, Birgunj (Nepal). This is the first rail-linked terminal in Nepal, which will cater to both Third country imports and exports and bilateral cargo from/to India. On July 6th 2004, NITDB awarded Himalayan Terminal Pvt Ltd the contract to operate and manage the Inland Clearance Depot in Sirsiya,Birgunj. 

Himalayan Terminal Pvt Ltd (HTPL) is a joint venture company with Indian and Nepalese participation. The management control is with Container Corporation of India Ltd, CONCOR, which is a pioneer in the field of setting up and running ICD's in India. Its other partners are the Transworld Group, an Indian Shipping company, Nepal Transit Warehousing Corporation and Interstate Multimodal Transport Pvt Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal.

About Joint venture Partners:

(1) Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR) is an Indian public sector company currently engaged in India in the business of providing terminal services and facilities for handling and transportation of containerized cargo by rail, road and coastal shipping, and inter modal logistics services for aggregation and distribution of cargo.

(2) Transworld Group, an Indian Shipping Company.

(3) Nepal Transit Warehousing Corporation (NTWC) is in the business of transit cargo and warehouse management at the Kolkata and Haldia port in India and in Rexaul, Birgunj and Kakervitta in Nepal, it also provides clearing and forwarding services to public sector undertakings in Nepal for exports from and imports into Nepal.

(4) Interstate Multimodal Transport (P) Ltd. (IMTPL) is in the business of international freight forwarding, CHA activities, road transportation of containers and cargo in Nepal.

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