1.CONCOR will be liable for the entire movement from KDS/Haldia to ICD/Birgunj. Since most of the track is in Indian territory, except for a small stretch of 0.5 km of through track and the ICD/Birgunj, the liability is predominantly of the Indian Railways and CONCOR in accordance with the provisions of Indian Railways Act 1989. So far all practical purposes it is same as that from any gateway port to ICD on lines of JNPT-TKD movement.

2.For damage/deficiency in ICD/Birgunj, TMC will be liable for such damage/deficiency.

3. CONCORÂ’s monetary liability is limited to Rs.50/kg unless the value of the consignment has been declared and percentage charge has been paid on excess value.

4.In case of Abandonment of Nepalese Import in Indian Port the same will be dealt with Indian Customs Act.

5.In case of abandonment of Nepalese Import at ICD/Birgunj the same will be dealt with Nepalese Customs Act.

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